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Banion Collection

Full fragrance body and hand soaps made in Ireland by an artisan crafter

Zero Waste Living

A full selection of home & kitchen essentials

Hand Care

Treat your hands with love, explore our collection of hand products

Natural Spa Collection

Lots of full fragrance options for all personal preferences

Natural Hair

Only natural hair products will treat your beautiful hair right, explore our full collection of hair products for all hair types

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Kickstart your eco-friendly lifestyle with one of our full packages for daily life!

Natural Body

Treat yourself right, don't use unnatural products! Our body products collection will have you smelling great and feeling amazing knowing you chose the product nature intended.

• 100% Natural

• Kind to skin

• Ethically sourced & manufactured

• Refreshingly fragrant


Every single cold process soap has been crafted by hand. Meticulous obsession over the quality of ingredients, sustainability of manufacturing and packaging result in a personal product you can trust to be quality.

Climate Positive

Nature is beautiful. Don't add to the problems in the world, make a difference!
Every order plants trees which save our wonderful planet or remove toxic materials from our beautiful seas!