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Bees Wax Sandwich Wraps Organic Cotton

Want a good looking alternative to cling film? Well look no further!

Our Bees Wax Sandwich Wraps  are a great sustainable alternative to plastic clingfilm wrap.

Made with 100% pure natural raw materials, this reusable beeswax product lasts up to 1 year (approx. 200 uses) and is fully compostable.

  • Reusable - Single use plastic clingfilm creates up to 20% of total kitchen waste.
  • Compostable - When your product is at the end of its life, place in your compost bin knowing you've helped to reduce plastic waste.
  • Lifespan - Up to 1 Year (200 Uses).
  • Waste reduced - Reduced clingfilm consumption by 740,000 miles!(Total UK household use in one year).

Knowing  you're helping the environment by reducing total kitchen waste makes this an irresistible choice!

So rebrand yourself as an eco warrior and introduce this bit of glam into your home.

100% GOTS Certified organic materials
100% Pure natural raw materials.

Contains pine resin.

Bees wax wraps work by using the warmth of your hands.

After use, wash your Beeswax Wrap with mild dishwashing soap and cool water, and then let it hang to dry.

You can store your wrap in a drawer or on the counter.

Every few months to re-pasteurise and re-set your Beeswax Wrap, put it between baking paper and iron.



Every item is hand packed into our signature Clearstone boxes which are,

  • 100% Recyclable & Compostable
  • 100% Plastic Free
  • Made in the UK from certified wood
  • Made with ink based on plants rather than petroleum
  • Vegan
  • Made with natural glue construction
  • Made from recycled materials
Each box is then packed with 100% recycled and biodegradable packing paper to keep your order undamaged during delivery.
We recommend putting all the packaging from our delivery in your compost bin for maximum sustainability. 

£12.00 £13.00

Recovers 1 kg of ocean-bound plastic Plastic is cleaned from rivers and shorelines, providing income to local waste pickers. You can track your impact after purchase.

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