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How Do You Care For A Bamboo Comb?

Posted by James Gaunt on
How Do You Care For A Bamboo Comb?

There are some great benefits of switching to a bamboo comb. For one thing, they are not made of plastic and fully compostable and can be a great first step to a zero waste lifestyle. They are also easier on your hair strands, and does a better job of distributing natural oils from root to tip for shinier, healthier hair than other brushes and combs. Honestly, the benefits of bamboo combs are quite numerous. Bamboo combs do require a little extra care. Here are some steps you can take to ensure the lifespan of your bamboo comb. 

Daily Cleaning Bamboo 

For simple everyday cleaning, all you need to do is just remove any hair from the comb after every use. If you use a small tooth comb, use a thin cloth or a satin floss to get the dirt and grime out from between the teeth every day, or every other day. This will reduce how much you will have to work when doing your thorough cleaning. When you are done cleaning, remember that bathrooms are the most humid room in our homes, so you want to store it on a dry surface, in a reusable drawstring bag, or just in a cabinet or drawer away from the humidity. 

Washing Bamboo Comb

Occasionally there will be build-up on the comb, particularly if you use a lot of hair products. A lot of people recommend soaking the comb in warm water mixed with a very mild soap. However, prolonged exposure to water causes the wood to swell, rot, weaken, and can cause black mold to grow. So keep the soaking down to what is necessary to clean and nothing more. If you would rather not expose it to water you can clean it by rubbing it down with oil and a cotton cloth to loosen the grime, and a small soft brush to get the really stubborn build up. 

Oiling Bamboo Comb

Oil is a protectant for wood. It keeps it from getting dry and increasing the risk of breaking. It is super simple to do. Just rub oil, like olive oil, or coconut oil, on to the comb and wipe the extra off. Optionally, you can leave the oil on overnight and wipe off the extra in the morning. If you decide to clean with oil, that takes care of the cleaning and the oiling.  

Bamboo combs are amazing, and a great way to support the environment by not using plastic. However, they eventually may become warped by use and moisture, etc. If and when that happens, just place the comb on a flat surface with a flat heavy object on top of it to weigh it down and gently correct it into shape. Make sure not to try to bend them by hand because they will break if too much force is applied. If you follow these instructions, your bamboo comb will last a very lon

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