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Why is it Important to Use Sustainable Beauty Products?

Posted by James Gaunt on
Why is it Important to Use Sustainable Beauty Products?

Like sustainable hair products, sustainable cosmetics and beauty products are among the most significant moral and ethical issues of our time. The current cosmetics industry is worth £27 billion in the UK alone. In comparison, the UK’s organic beauty market is worth just £106 million - twenty times less. This is concerning since it shows clear evidence that we, need to do more.

Clearstone is a family-based business run by a mother and son team, Karen and James. Because of this, we understand the importance of doing what we can right now to ensure a better future for the generations to come. Therefore, our business process is as sustainable as humanly possible throughout our entire supply chain. This means only recycled, and natural materials are used.

What are Sustainable Beauty Products?

All of our beauty products are manufactured with care and consideration to the environment right across the board. This means sourcing recycled paper packaging and choosing natural ingredients rather than chemicals and even plant-based inks. Because of this, we offer environmentally responsible, sustainable beauty products.

We offer a wide range of sustainable beauty products, from cold-pressed soaps and hair rejuvenation bars to face and body treatments and accessories. All our products contain natural ingredients that won’t damage your skin or hair. For example, our Earth Soap is cured, containing  only natural plant oils and essential oils.

Chemicals and Wastage

Traditional off-the-shelf beauty products such as soaps and shampoos may contain chemicals that can cause irritation and dry out your skin or hair. Most of these chemicals are manufactured using cheap processes that can be toxic to the environment and to the people using them.

Additionally, our cleansing products are designed to reduce wastage. You might be surprised to find our shampoo and conditioners are actually solid bars. Solidity helps you to use only what you need, bec of this, all of our products are in bar form. This includes hair rejuvenation as well as face, body and hand care. The life of your Clearstone products can be extended with the use of our bamboo drainage dishes.

How Sustainable Products Benefit You

There are many benefits to using naturally sourced ingredients that only boost the importance of sustainable beauty products. First, by using only natural products on your skin, you will reduce the potentially harmful effects of traditional soaps and liquids. Further, you can relax with peace of mind, knowing you are playing your part in helping to heal the world, as a whole, and your little piece of it here in the UK.

By purchasing sustainable beauty products in the UK, you help contribute towards the British government’s pledge to be carbon-free by 2050. More work needs to be done, and even the most minor changes can have a significant impact. You might not think you are essential to this goal, but if we all work together now, we can make the critical changes needed for a brighter tomorrow.

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