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How Do You Wrap Food Environmentally Friendly?

Posted by James Gaunt on
How Do You Wrap Food Environmentally Friendly?

Food waste is a significant issue that faces the world today. No one wants to buy food, only to have it go bad before it should and then throw it out. But, wasting food is not only bad for your bank balance; it also has a severe negative impact on the planet. When food goes to landfill and begins to rot, it releases methane, a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. Methane is even more damaging to the environment than carbon monoxide (28 times!), so reducing the amount of methane produced by food waste is vital. The impact of food waste and plastic pollution are two big issues that are causing damage to the planet right now.

Many people have the best intentions when trying to minimise their food waste and actively try to consider their food choices and how this food is packaged. Maybe you make sandwiches each day to take to work rather than buying a packaged sandwich from a shop. While this does help to reduce the amount of packaging contained within your lunch, many people put their lunch in plastic sandwich bags for convenience. However, this does not resolve the issue, and the number of single-use plastic bags you use each year will soon pile up, both in your bank book and our landfill.

Storing Your Food the Environmentally-Friendly Way

Reducing food waste is essential, but it is also crucial to consider alternative options to cover and wrap your food to help prolong its life and prevent waste. So, finding the best ways to store your food and preserve it is vital to reduce food waste and eliminate the need to use plastic to do this.

Luckily, there are some fantastic food-saving and food storage solutions to help your food last longer and eliminate the need for plastic. Clearstone stocks a wide array of environmentally-friendly solutions that help you keep your food fresh without harming the planet.

Sustainable Food Wrap

If you are searching for a planet-friendly alternative to plastic storage, then Clearstone can help. There is an excellent choice of environmentally friendly food wrap products to choose from. Here are some benefits of using sustainable food wrap:

  • Food wraps keep your food fresher for longer than plastic. This is because the wraps are breathable, so unlike plastic, they do not encourage mould growth.
  • Food wraps save you money as you can use them over and over again.
  • Food wraps do not need to go to landfill and can be composted at the end of their life.
  • Food wraps are made from natural materials, such as organic cotton and beeswax.
  • Food wraps are easy to clean and can be washed and reused.
  • Vegan food wraps are available made without beeswax.

Sustainable food wrap in the UK is available in various sizes and shapes to suit different food storage uses. Clearstone’s range of environmentally friendly food wrap features the following products:

Take a look at the Clearstone range of sustainable food wrap in the UK here to begin your journey to less food waste and plastic-free, environmentally friendly food storage solutions.

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