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Top 5 reasons to use natural skincare products

Posted by James Gaunt on
Top 5 reasons to use natural skincare products

There are many options when it comes to skincare products, some of these will be naturally made and others made with synthetics. Although all the products will advise that they will help and be beneficial to you, the natural made products are going to be the better choice in this instance.


There are lots of benefits to using natural skin care products instead of the synthetic or artificial ones. Below we will outline what we would think the top 5 reasons for using natural skincare products would be and hopefully, this will help you get a better understanding of what would be best for you.


Natural products would be the safest ones


When looking at the different skincare products, natural ones are going to be the safest option to go for in comparison to synthetic. The reason for this is skin care products will be applied directly to the skin, this has the side effect of the product potentially being absorbed into your bloodstream, it would only be a small amount but because synthetics can be known to have negative health effects, this can be potentially damaging to you. Natural products would have more positive health benefits so this would mean you are unlikely to see any bad side effects of using the natural product over the synthetic one. Clearstone have all natural products that allow them to be safer to you instead of synthetics, they have soap bars and many other products that are all natural.


Natural products are safer for the environment


The chemicals in synthetic products are more harmful to the environment and wildlife than natural products, when they are used and washed down the drain they will gradually work their way into the environment, at some point, this will pollute the ecosystem we live in. Natural skin products however, do not have the damaging properties of synthetics, so when used, are unlikely to cause any damage to the environment as they are natural. Many natural products are also vegan   Clearstone’s Coconut and Rose shampoo is great for those who are vegan or just care more about the environment.


Natural products are nutritional


When looking at the different ingredients in natural products they are usually familiar to you and you would, nine times out of ten know what is in that product. All those natural ingredients will be beneficial to your skin giving it the nutrients it needs to flourish and stay healthy, however with synthetics it would be ingredients that are unknown to you, that could be damaging to your body and are not nutritious to you in any way.


No cruelty to animals

When using synthetic ingredients unfortunately most companies will test these on animals because of their damaging effects to the skin and us. With natural skin care products they will refuse to test on any animals, making sure they are cruelty free, to fit their natural products ethos.


Natural products are better for your skin


As all the points show, the synthetic skincare products are going to be damaging to you,  your skin and the environment, in some way. Natural skincare however will not be damaging and will actually help your skin flourish and get the nutrients it needs. Ylang Ylang and Rose body butter from Clearstone is a great example of a natural product that is great for your skin and ticks all the boxes as discussed above.


If you are unsure why you should be using natural skincare products then hopefully, these five tips will give you an idea of the natural best way to go for your skincare.

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