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Is matcha good for weight loss?

Posted by James Gaunt on
Is matcha good for weight loss?


Matcha tea is an East Asian green tea that is made from the finely ground powder of young tea leaves. Matcha powder is bright green. Instead of infusing tea leaves in water, you prepare matcha by mixing the powder in hot water with a whisk. Matcha is highly concentrated and has a very powerful flavour, in addition to a variety of health benefits. Matcha can also be enjoyed at a variety of temperatures. Is matcha more effective hot or cold? That may depend on whether you are drinking matcha tea for its health benefits or its flavour.

How Does Matcha Help With Weight Loss?

Matcha tea is good for your metabolism, this may help you burn more calories. It’s also worth noting that matcha tea does not contain many calories on its own. Matcha is rich in antioxidants, including L-theanine and catechins. These antioxidants can help your body regulate the production of cortisol (a hormone related to stress) which can bring you peace of mind. On top of these benefits, matcha is also much healthier for your body than a sugary drink, such as soda, and it will not leave you feeling jittery the way that coffee can.

The antioxidants found in matcha tea can greatly aid your body by increasing your metabolism, burning calories, and reducing your body’s excess fat, but matcha is not a total replacement for regular exercise and a healthy diet. For best results, you should plan to incorporate all of these into a healifestyle.

Best Time To Drink Matcha For Weight Loss

If you are planning to sip your matcha throughout the day, you may want to reconsider. Unlike a protein drink, matcha should not be left in the fridge for hours at a time, as this can promote bacteria growth. You may like to drink matcha shortly after exercising, but should not drink it if it has been left out or in the refrigerator for over four hours.

The best way to drink matcha for weight loss would be to make a new cup each time you wish to drink it, for a total of 2 or 3 cups daily. It is recommended that you drink one cup about 30 minutes before you start exercising for maximum benefit (although drinking two cups before exercising is also fine and may offer your body even more energy). Drinking one cup shortly before you fall asleep can also help you feel calm and promote weight loss.

  • Remember - Matcha contains small amounts of caffeine. If you choose to drink it in the evening, it may be a good idea to do so several hours before you plan to sleep, rather than immediately before you climb into bed.

If you can’t get enough of the taste of matcha, then you’re in luck! There are still more great reasons to drink matcha throughout the day. Matcha tea can suppress your appetite, so drinking it shortly before eating a meal may help you from overeating. There’s no easier way to lose weight than by not gaining it in the first place!

Matcha tea is a great and natural drink that can help you feel soothed throughout the day. Going green is an easy way to feel refreshed. Interested in more all-natural products from a climate positive company? You can find zero-waste coconut bowls, grass straws, and even matcha soaps and matcha facial cleansing bars at Clearstone. Order today! Your body will thank you for it.

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