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Elderflower for dry hair 92g - Shampoo Bar

  • Balance for dry hair: Elderflower infused water, coconut milk & orange blossom

  • Improved strength & shine: Flaxseed oil + Marjoram-infused olive oil

  • Moisture: Omega 3+6 fatty acids & vitamin E (from flaxseed oil) 

  • Anti Dandruff: Marjoram natural anti fungal

2-3 bottles of shampoo.

Made with Cold Press Flaxseed Oil and Marjoram-infused Cold Press Olive Oil, to improve strength and shine. Omega-3, Omega-6 fatty acids as well as Vitamin E included in flaxseed oil can aid your hair in maintaining moisture.

Marjoram can strengthen the follicles, helping your hair to grow back stronger and healthier, it has anti-fungal properties which makes it a good natural option to treat common scalp issues like dandruff. We add Elderflower infused water, Coconut Milk and Orange Blossom essential oil to help balance dry hair.

First hand experiences and a belief in the need for natural, vegan, vegetarian and cruelty-free products lead Gavin Erlam and Matthew Wareing to create the brand Lavandi Body and Nature which is owned by AMD Products Ltd based at 134a Chester Road Northwich Cheshire CW8 4AW. This is our story.

Gavin is a keen sailor and scuba diver, and Matthew has spent over a decade in administration working towards the fight against cancer.

Meeting up with friends for a Sunday lunch, the conversation turned to Gavin's last sailing holiday. He spoke about the only thing that had really stuck with him on this trip: the amount of plastic debris in all the ports he had moored up in. The conversation moved on to single use plastics and the need to stop using them before it is too late. Soaps, shampoos and cosmetics seemed to be an area that most people bought single use or non-recyclable plastic. At this point, Matthew chipped in about the number of harmful chemicals there are in some soaps, shampoos and cosmetics. The pair decided that instead of waiting for someone to do something, they would... and so Lavandi Body and Nature was born.


Every item is hand packed into our signature Clearstone boxes which are,
  • 100% Recyclable & Compostable
  • 100% Plastic Free
  • Made in the UK from certified wood
  • Made with ink based on plants rather than petroleum
  • Vegan
  • Made with natural glue construction
  • Made from recycled materials
Each box is then packed with 100% recycled and biodegradable packing paper to keep your order undamaged during delivery.
We recommend putting all the packaging from our delivery in your compost bin for maximum sustainability. 

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Plants 5 trees The tree planting operations provide crucial income to local communities. You can track your impact after purchase.

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Elderflower shampoo

Smells beautiful, rich lather and not drying on your hair.

Hi Robin,
Thank you for the great review. We really appreciate that you have taken the time to give us feedback and support our business.